What’s up Truth Seekers

What is Truth Seekers

First and foremost, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for joining this community. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and have now finally taken the step to make it happen.
The reasoning for starting this group as of now is to have a place where I can fully express my thoughts and beliefs to the max without being censored by social media and to be able to connect with other like-minded individuals that want to do the same. This is an open group, and I want everyone here to unleash. There’s a lot to talk about in this world right now, but there’s a lot that people are afraid to say publicly. Let this be the safe haven. Of course let’s all love and respect each other, but this is a place of TRUTH.

What I plan to do

I will be posting content I feel is interesting, important, and relevant to my lifestyle and beliefs. I welcome you all to do the same. Whether it’s about the animal based diet that I myself and probably most of you are on, all the controversy with Kanye, primal and optimal health biohacking, Joe Biden’s ridiculous outbursts, conspiracy theories that are always true, inspirational and motivational words, and everything in between…. share it all. As will I. I’m assuming we all have very similar beliefs here, so I don’t want anyone holding back. Like I said, be respectful, but also be yourself.
As time goes on, and we continue expanding as a community, I will eventually switch us over into Discord. Reason being, I plan to make this into more than just a group chat. This will be a massive community with many different avenues to explore. I will be doing events, masterminds, giveaways, challenges, affiliate payouts, and much more. Until then, we’ll stay in telegram for the time being until it’s time to switch over.

You can make some extra cash

I’ll also be building a landing page with a pay-funnel to make this more streamlined, and that way it will give all you guys an opportunity to make some extra cash if you want. This will be via an affiliate link that you can send out to get paid automatically for anyone that signs up under your name. But for now, if you do want to participate and make some money, I’m paying $20 per referral. It will have to be done manually for now, so make sure you let me know if you get someone to join.

What you need to know

My mission

There’s a lot of change happening on this hectic planet. My lifelong mission is to make people more aware of all the lies we’re told and all the information that’s kept from us. I need help. I need a community.
So thank you to each one of you that is here. This is only the beginning. Lots of great things to come. Remember, growth is the infinite principle of the universe. So without growth, we lose. But when we’re all growing together, we win. Fear nothing, seek everything. Welcome my friends.

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